About the Author

Dr. Christine Laschkolnig

I was born 1948 in Völkermarkt in Carinthia in Austria.

Even as a child I knew that somewhere waiting for me there was a "task" that would allow me to live out all my talents and abilities. It took 35 years before I found myself in Homeopathy. At times the path has been difficult and convoluted.

After primary school I attended a commercial school. After a few months in an office I knew I wasn't going to find my purpose there. It seemed that studies were going to be a necessary part of my professional path and so I spent 7 years going to evening classes in Berlin. After passing the "Abitur" (the German matriculation exams) I started studying medicine in Vienna when I was 29.

Alternative Medicine has always been my goal. Personal painful physical experiences had taught me the limitations of orthodox medicine.

Just before the end of my course I got to know my first teacher, Mathias Dorsci, and spent four apprenticeship years in his homeopathic outpatients department in LainzHospital.

His way of viewing illness as an expression of internal conflicts impressed me deeply. Every patient was an individual and needed a holistic approach. His question "what sort of a human being is this?" still accompanies me today.

The following three and a half years of orthodox medical education were a difficult time. It was hard to view illness simply as an organic disorder.

Since 1991 I have my own practice. Driven by the need to consolidate and expand my homeopathic knowledge, I travelled to Rajan Shankran in Bombay, to Paul Herscu, Roger Morrison and Nancy Herrick in America and received many valuable suggestions.

In Munich I met Sheilagh Creasy and also Jeremy Sherr who inspired me to visit the 2 year advanced course at his DynamisSchool in London. His profound insights in the foundations of homeopathy and his thorough testing of medications left a deep impression on me.

Eli Jaxon-Bear taught me a lot about the therapeutic use of trance and hypnosis.

In parallel to my homeopathic training I have had and still have impressive encounters with shamans and let their work inspire me.

A visit to the masterclass at the Graphic Institute (Graphische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt) in Vienna revealed my hidden drawing and painting talent. The pictures clearly show my internal development.

This intensive confrontation with my internal processes lets me perceive my help-seeking opposite at a deep level. Recognising physical and mental problems allows me to find an individual medicine for each patient.

Every patient is an experience - I look forward to the encounter and learn something new every day.